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Perfect for full glam lovers, The Mochi Chewy sponge is design to replicate the effect of tightly packed brush for a full coverage look with a supple feel to the skin. The dense body and teardrop shape helps to apply any base makeup without absorbing too much product. It expands 3x plumper for a quick effortless blending.

Like the delectable Japanese confection Mochi , it has a fantastic clutter of texture. Its exterior velvet microfibre acts like a small dense bristle for that full beat glam! Once dampen it swells 3 times plumper giving  gentle dap to the face. The classic teardrop shape helps blend the product to skin streak free in hard to reach corners even to contour seamlessly with out absorbing too much product. Like a brush Mochi can be used while dry or wet for cream, liquid or even powdered products.

For best results , wash Mochi before usage.


  • To apply a more precise contouring to give you that snatched look
  • Use wet or dry to apply highlighter

Beauty Tips:
• Dampen the sponges to increase maximum bounce!
• Mini Mochi is perfect to blend precises contour and even to apply blush.

Sponge Care for Hygienic Purposes:
• Wash every 2 times after use.
• Use brush/sponge cleanser to wash and rub it gently with light pressure to remove makeup stain.
• Dispose sponge after 2-3 months

Material: Hydrophilic Polyurethane, Microfibre. Latex Free!

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21 reviews for Mochi Sponge

  1. Ainin Suffiya

    Hello sis quna! Im suffiya ❤️
    Thank you thank you thank you for the great product, service every omg i really love your makeup line la sis. Btw I’ll prayy so much that one day sofwanah cosmetics will be in sephora. I sangat sangat adore on how you pour you passion into your makeup line, the packaging, the products, they are perfectly performed! I janji i akan beli smua product sofwanah yg akan datang too, i cant wait for your new new launch!! I dah simpan my duit hehe ❤️❤️❤️ for now the most favourite products from SC yg paling i suka is wonderstruck ofc and MOCHI SPONGE!!!

  2. Izyan binti Rabzi

    Ah oh ya, mochi sponge!! Please la mochi sponge sangat lembut macam pau. Perfect finishing foundation i 🤩🥰😘

  3. Aisyah Lee

    omg best gilaa!! i’ve never seen my powder foundation looks so flawless, been trying this mochi sponge and it got my heart completely. The velvet grip my powder foundation effortlessly and im using less product with it. I is approvee!

  4. Sahira Hanim Saiman

    Hi, yeah both products are amazing. I love the velvet texture if the sponge it made picking up loose powder easier.

  5. Nur Husna Binti Ridzuan

    Mochi beauty sponges are super soft and fluffyyyyyyyyyyyy,I enjoy my getting ready moment with them, Kak wana claims that they don’t absorb products that much thus we will save more 😚 And I second this 👍✨ I use less amount of foundation to get the same desired coverage that I want compared to what I used to use before, Kotak2 produk sofwanah yg dulu pun simpan juga sebab cantik sayang nak buang😂Sampul pink pun simpan jugakkk hahahahaha

  6. Norliana Izzati Bt Mohamad Rusli

    Mochi sponge gebu sangat. Lepas basahkan memang expand jadi lagi gebu. Paling best sponge ni boleh pakai untuk powder based product jugak. Apply blusher pakai sponge ni sangat pigmented eventhough sponge tu lembap. Satu sponge boleh pakai untuk apply banyak product. Mini mochi tu boleh apply eyeshadow and very precise kalau guna bucu dia utk undereye.

  7. Farha Lokman

    suka warna pink ni ahah. Tekstur permukaan yang saya lagi suka nak bandingkan dengan jenis latex. Tak serap banyak produk krim atau cecair foundation, blending produk pun seamless. Didatangkan dengan dua saiz, yang kecil tu senang gila nak capai celah2 hidung contohnya.

  8. Anis Sofea

    I loveee your mochi sponge so gebuuu 😍 and very convenient together with mini mochi also no need to bring brush banyak2 bring these two pun enough dah

  9. Noor Aiman bt Mohd Noor

    Mochi sponge sgt sgt terbest! Dpt terus guna and terus repeat order😘😘

  10. Adlyn

    I in love teruk dengan mochi sponges Best sangat 🥰🥰,i pakai mochi sponge, mmg cantikk sangat blend. Lepas tu senang tak payah nak tukar brush bila nak apply blush ☺️☺️

  11. Dini Hakim

    pastu mochi sponge pulak ya Allah kenapa best sgt nangis 😭😭😭 masa mula mula try rasa dia lagi dense drpd my real technique sponge tapi bila pakai ugh so good! Blends so well!! And before this kita mmg suka guna sponge utk guna powder foundation tapi sometimes dia jadi macam ada satu layer kat atas powder tu maybe cause the sponge is damp kot? But with the mochi dah tak jadi macam tuu! I think cause the microfibre layer tu tak sebasah sponge, dia rasa macam kering. Setakat ni i use with cream products pun works really well 💯🙌🏼

  12. Aisyah Lee

    I think this is the best sponge i have ever used. Very heavy duty and easy to clean, user friendly and makes my blending game on point! Good job Sofwanah Cosmetics!!!

  13. dalilahbrhnddn

    Ya ampunn sumpah serious tak tipu best gilsss pakai mochi sponge ni. Tak tahu nak describe macam mana. Korang tolong la try jugak.I am so in love with this super cute rasa nak gentel je this fluffy mochi sponge.Hahah. Thank youuuu

  14. athirahrossaidi

    Been dying to try the mochi sponges and definitely NOT disappointed! Best purchase ever!

  15. ainimimie

    Don’t even got me started with mochi sponge ugh! Im in love with the finishing 😍 Its not cakey at all!

  16. afinaaziz

    Suke sangat dengan product Sofwanah cosmetic ni. Mochi sponge tak try lagi.. Tapi nice. Macam baldu. and soft sangat.. Packaging pon cantik gila. Suka sangat!

  17. Nur Husna

    Mochi sponges have become a versatile tool that I can use with different products from powder to cream to liquid. So it comes in handy when I want to save time and when traveling.

  18. Nur Athirah Hamzah

    i definitely appreciate the microfibres on the sponge! I have never saw another brand produced it so when you guys announced it, i was fascinated! ✨ im definitely not the very pro at using a sponge but with mochi i believe it would be very effective. 👍🏻

  19. Raqi Rama Rao

    The mochi sponge is unique and I don’t think I can find any other brand that has something like this. It distributes the foundation evenly and doesn’t take many products in the sponge itself. Which makes it amazing!

  20. surianak

    Mochi sponges received in good condition 🤗 Sooooooooo sooooofffftttttt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Really love the texture 😍😍😍

  21. jill.dexara

    I love it so much… Best sponge by far!

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