Sofwanah Jamaluddin has been passionate about Makeup ever since she was a student. After graduating in Interior Designing from LimKokWing University, she followed her love in makeup by taking makeup gigs around the area. Sofwanah’s goal was to create natural beauty by enhancing the bride’s unique features. As the demand for her services increased, Sofwanah used Instagram as a social media platform to make herself more accessible to connect with more people.  She enjoys making reviews on products whether it is scrumptious dessert, her holy grail beauty/skincare routine and even her own personal fashion sense. The response from the audience is overwhelming, making her feel closer to her followers, which motivates her to share more reviews without taking any compensation in return. She feels content to receive replies from her followers that purchase items from her reviews. 

In 2017, she founded her brand Sofwanah Cosmetics launching her Timeless palettes, and not long after came the Wonderstruck Hydrating Suede Lipcreme. Over the past 3 years Sofwanah Cosmetics continues to grow and build good relations with fellow influencers on giving their honest review on the products. The team is extremely grateful to see the enthusiasm and excitement in giving reviews on the products along with spreading the awareness about it. The outcome of the collaboration is amazing, their kind honest and supportive feedback is the reason that Sofwanah Cosmetics is what it is today.

Sofwanah and her team understand the hard work and effort that goes in content that every influencers go through, so for the year 2020 , the goal for Sofwanah Cosmetics Team is to created more creative relationships with micro and big beauty and lifestyle influencers and also their loyal customers, all with the main passion at heart, Makeup . With these collaborations they are able to reap some revenue help to spread the love of Sofwanah Cosmetics products to their audience/friends. 

Her goal for the company is to help others that are driven by the love and passion for makeup and those who want to make revenue without having to fork up any funds for their capital. Sofwanah Cosmetics will always support the amazing energy in the makeup industry in Malaysia and continue collaboration with local influencers helping them get recognition from other brands along the way. We support kindness, love and passion and celebrate great products all around.

Let’s join #sofwanahbabes! To know more about this and on how to be part of our affiliate program, please contact us through WhatsApp +60(17) 282-8841.